Gunners, 2014
Winsome Gwynllyn I've Arrived
Winsome Chivalrous Rogue
Fallen Wings Stonewalker Jazzman
Ch Gwynllyn Winsome Gotalota Heart
Winridge's Up And Flying MHA
Ch Winsome Gwynllyn Simply Surreal
Judy Priestley, Secretary and Jim Karlovec, Chairman
Golden Gait's Groovin' to the Beat
Gwynllyn On Point Sporting Fields
Gunners, 2014





Our club was formed in 1963 and is the oldest continuously active regional specialty club for English Cockers in the US and the oldest member club of The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America.

Our members show in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Hunt Tests and Cocker Field Trials.  Our dogs also sit on our laps and sleep in our beds.

We are currently licensed by the American Kennel Club to hold:

    English Cocker Conformation Shows (Specialty)
    All-Breed Obedience Trials
    All-Breed Rally Trials
    Spaniel Hunt Tests
    Cocker Field Trials (American and English Cockers

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